Veronica Mars Season 2: The Best Witty Banter

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The review:

Veronica Mars Season 2 doesn’t have the excellent season-long mystery that Season 1 does*; what it excels in is Logan/Veronica banter. It’s also the season where we see the extent of the corruption in her town of Neptune, California. At this point the cast has really gelled and easily absorbs a few new characters.

The verdict: Recommended

Cost: Currently streaming on Hulu, also available at your library and in DVD box sets
Where watched: at home

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Further sentences:

*Though Season 2’s main plot arc is worthy; it’s just not as nuanced as Season 1

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

The sticker of the black circle with the bananas in the middle on Veronica’s locker is the album cover of The Dandy Warhols. The album features the theme song “We Used to Be Friends”.
(Fun fact: Matt his his own version of this song he sings as the opening credits roll.)

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