3SMReviews: Minority Report

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3SMReviews: Minority Report

In Minority Report, Steven Spielberg spins a tale of a future world where three “pre-cogs” (special humans) can predict crimes before they happen. This is a visually stimulating movie, and while it is too long, it did go in some directions I did not expect, which is a nice gift when one is watching a movie out of obligation. Tom Cruise does his Tom Cruise thing,* Tim Blake Nelson completely overplays his scenes, but there is a really great scene with Lois Smith that may have made the whole movie worth watching.

Verdict: Good

Cost: free from Multnomah County Library
Where watched: at home, in preparation for Filmspotting Madness Best of the 2000s.

*I think this movie marks the point where I started activly avoiding movies with Mr.Cruise in them.

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