3SMReviews: Mulholland Drive

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3SMReviews: Mulholland Drive

Never do I ever feel more like I’m living in an Emperor has No Clothes world than when I watch David Lynch movies including this one, Mulholland Drive. Everyone speaks very slowly, there are stylized sets, everything is so very mysterious–or is it just a really crappy film?* Actual quote by me when the two actresses started the scene that I knew was going to happen from the first frame of this film: And in hour six, we get some girl-on-girl action.

Verdict: Skip, unless you are into pretentious, nonsensical misogyny

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home with Matt, as part of preparation for Filmspotting Madness

*When a movie needs a director’s cut, or a website, or published articles or a book to explain what the hell happened, that movie has failed. This is a boring, pretentious movie that can’t be bothered to have a coherent plot, plus it’s creepy to watch, and David Lynch hates women.

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