Let Them All Talk: Three Great Actors and a Luxury Liner

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Meryl Streep in Let Them All Talk

Let Them All Talk

Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Written by Deborah Eisenberg

The review:

A Soderbergh movie written by a woman, starring three women I love to watch* that’s a bunch of talking while on a luxury liner? Yes, please.** Overall, this is an amusing frippery that I won’t remember much of in a few years’ time, but man was it good going down.***

The verdict: Good

Cost: HBO Max monthly cost (12.99)****
Where watched: at home

Further sentences:

*Plus Lucas Hedges
**You have no idea how much all of those things thrilled me.
***Though I adore Dianne Wiest (she who imprinted on me in Footloose) it was Candice Bergen who was the most fun to watch.
****We have it for a month due to treating ourselves so we could watch Wonder Woman 84.


  • Which of the three women would you have liked to be?
  • If your friend from long ago offered to take you on a cruise, would you go?

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

For the most part paying Queen Mary 2 passengers were unaware of the film being shot. Signs were placed around live shooting locations. They were met with mostly indifference.

Other reviews of Let Them All Talk:

Orange background with a white frame. Text: When I read this novel, it's impossible for me not to think what a miracle it is That the universe emerged, what a miracle it is that consciousness emerged. And what a miracle it is that Blodwyn Pugh, her thoughts and experiences, that they could reach across time and reach into my consciousness. That's a miracle. —Let Them All Talk. Read the three sentence movie reivew. 3SMReviews.com
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