Table 19 is Seated in the Right Place

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Craig Robinson, Lisa Kudrow, Stephen Merchant, June Squibb, Anna Kendrick and Thomas Cocquerel in the film Table 19.

Table 19

Directed by Jeffrey Blitz
Written by Jeffery Blitz (story credit also to Mark and Jay Duplass)

The review:

A solid ensemble piece where we discover more about the wedding guests seated at a far-flung table. While the guests’ stories sometimes made great jumps to keep things moving along, the antics of the table were entertaining enough. This is the kind of movie that is good for a plane ride, or to pass a few hours when you’re too sick to follow a complex film.

The verdict: Good (enough)

Cost: Free via DVD from the Multnomah County Library
Where watched: at home

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Further sentences:

The lack of further sentences it itself an indication of this film’s entertainment value.


  • Which character at Table 19 was the most like you?
  • Would this have been a better film if the Duplass brothers had directed it?

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

Costars Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson previously worked with each other in an episode of Friends. Robinson’s character was the one who enabled the possibility for Kudrow’s character to change her name from Phoebe to Princess Consuela Bananahammock.

Other reviews of Table 19:

Orange background with a white frame. Text: It's the same wedding. It's the same celebration no matter what table you're at. —Table 19. Read the three sentence movie review
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  • Patricia Collins

    I’d say that given my long memory, I was most like June Squibb’s Nanny Jo. How about you?

  • Patricia Collins

    Given my love of the Duplass brothers, I think yes, this would have been a better film.

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