Teen Spirit Teaches You to Relax Your Jaw

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(and other handy things to know about singing)

Max Minghella’s Teen Spirit is so very blah that if not for the electrifying performance at the end, it would not at all be worth watching.* Elle Fanning’s Violet is so tamped down in her emotions that even as her star started rising, I didn’t feel much of anything. This is the kind of film that doesn’t even inspire me to write three sentences.

The verdict: Skip

Cost: Free via Kanopy
Where watched: at home

Further sentences:

*As is, it’s still not worth watching, but that end performance was a good payoff for my boredom.

Consider watching instead:


  • What would have perked this film up?
  • What did you think of Elle Fanning’s accent work?
  • Can you name the Beatle’s song that mentions the Isle of Wight?

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

In an interview with Hollywood XYZ, Director Max Minghella confirmed that all of Elle Fanning’s singing in Teen Spirit in the film is real and in fact recorded live, not in post-production.

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