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This was a well-acted exploration of male friendship and is populated with a decent amount of early-90s actors you’ve seen in a ton of other things.  It’s also about an alien abduction, but the vast majority of it deals with the fallout of those left behind. According to the expert who spoke before the movie, Hollywood got the alien part wrong.

Cost: Free. It was kind of a history pub, but McMenamins is going to start having regular History Pub-style meetings at the Mission Theater, but concerning UFO/Alien Encounter stuff.  I couldn’t find anything about it on the website to link to, but that’s what we were told.

Where watched: Mission Theater with Matt, Laurie, Burt, Brooke & Mike.

*It’s like we’re watching the sequel to “Smoke on the Water” Brooke quipped.

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  • Sara K.

    I like that it is “based on a true story.” True alien abductions are always the most interesting. As opposed, of course, to those fictional ones.

    • stenaros

      Yeah, part of the movie dealt with the law enforcement guy who didn’t believe the other friends who saw the UFO or the guy himself when he was found. He was gone for five days.

  • Jan W.

    So, did you end up believing the story? If not, what do you think happened to him?

    • stenaros

      I was on his side more than the skeptical law enforcement person. According to the Hollywood narrative, he didn’t really have cause to disappear/drum up an abduction. And he was in pretty bad shape when they found him. And there were witnesses to the Fire in the Sky.

      Still, he does still travel about speaking at conventions and such, so it’s probably been an okay source of income for him. Which I’m not opposed to. If he can cook up a good story and still be making money off of it 40 years later, more power to him. Although kind of a waste of search and rescue resources.

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