Three sentence movie reviews: Just Friends

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I hated this movie.  Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated it.  I watched it for Anna Faris, because I enjoyed her so much in What’s Your Number and I thought she acted up a storm, but the movie itself was a trial.

Cost:  free from library
Where watched: at home.

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  • balyien

    I assume you meant "trial"? 🙂 It both looks and sounds terrible. I actually thought that was Will Ferrell on the cover at first glance. I had no idea that Anna Farris is in this. It's too bad she's in so many stinkers.

  • Patricia

    Oh darn, I totally did mean "trial." It was a long crappy trail of a movie, though. Like a slog through raw sewage. I will fix my typo. Argh. And now that I'm posting movie reviews on Letterboxd, I have fix that one. Curse you, across all platforms.

    But thanks for catching the error.

  • Sara K.

    Um. Yeah. You are a brave gal for even giving it a try.

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