3SMR: The Bourne Identity

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This was not such a good movie to watch while giving myself a pedicure as there is not very much dialogue and a lot of action. However, Matt Damon as a confused assassin was a bit win for me and I easily got caught up in this film, to the detriment of my pedicure.* I look forward to seeing if the next two movies can carry on the engrossing nature of the story.**

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home, in preparation for 2019 Filmspotting Madness

*Which is really no big deal. It’s my favorite thing about pedicures. When you get nail polish on your toes and not the nail, it comes off the next day in the shower.
**When I first moved to Portland and was living with my aunt, I used to ride my bike to the Burlingame Fred Meyer on Sunday mornings, then take the bus downtown to church. I always had some time to kill, so would read the magazines while I waited. I have a clear memory of standing in Fred Meyer and reading an article about Matt Damon’s upcoming movie, which was this movie. It was to be his first action film and there was speculation if he could carry his winning streak to the action genre. I remember being very nervous for him to do well in this movie.  I need not to have worried.

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