3SMR: The Bourne Supremacy

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3SMR: The Bourne Supremacy

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In the Bourne Supremacy we find out more pieces of Jason Bourne’s* past and watch him work through some forgiveness things. The action was well paced and made sense** and there were at least three times I gasped aloud in surprise. Plus, Joan Allen!

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home, in preparation for Filmspotting’s 2019 March Madness

*And can we just talk for a moment about what a great name Jason Bourne is? Jason is the ultimate anonymous name of that particular era,*** and “bourne” is both a homonym for “born” a theme of the first movie, and also is a misspelling the the past participle of “bear” which is a good description of the weight Jason Bourne’s carries pre-amnesia and also post-amnesia. Kudos to Robert Ludlum for thinking up this name.
**A thing that is mostly not true for many of the action movies I watch.
***I think a fun fictional coupling would be Jason Bourne and the feminist terrorist organization Jennifer from Sarai Walker’s Dietland.

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