Three sentence movie reviews: The Finest Hours

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More Ben Foster, plus Chris Pine and Casey Affleck* in this historical drama “based on a true story.”  This is the kind of movie that people love to hate on, but I thought Chris Pine’s performance was quite good** and except for a bit of exposition-via-swelling-music, I found this movie to be a good movie in all aspects.  It’s also a good all-generations family film.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

*It’s interesting to reflect on my feelings about Casey Affleck’s acting abilities before I read of his sexual harassment allegations (Manchester by the Sea and all prior films) and after (this film.) Before I thought he was completely underrated as an actor. Now I find myself wondering if Mr. C. Affleck has two acting modes:  quiet sad fellow and Masshole.
**He seems to not only be incredibly good looking, but also interested in taking on different kinds of roles as an actor.

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  • Jan W.

    I wanted to like this. I’m not above movies that are overly dramatic and I love disaster films. But I couldn’t even get through it. I thought the dialogue was super cheesy, and I couldn’t stand Chris Pine’s fiancee as a character. I found both her and the other characters’ reactions to her completely unbelievable. However, I do think Pine shone in his role. I’m really impressed by him.

    • stenaros

      She was kind of distracting.

  • Sara K.

    Masshole. That is hilarious! I’m dying a bit!

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