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I’m checking out a few Ben Foster performances and so watched this movie.  He’s good, Harrelson is good, and this movie ripped me apart.  We still haven’t gotten our seminal war movie from the Iraq/Afghanistan war, but this is a top “home-front” contender.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

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  • Jan W.

    Ben Foster seems to be everywhere lately! Not that I’m complaining. I think he’s a great actor.

    • stenaros

      He’s the actor everyone loves to like right now. But it’s well deserved.

  • Sara K.

    It ripped you apart? Just difficult to watch or very moving? Perhaps a bit of both?

    • stenaros

      Both. I really like war movies that deal with the societal aspects of the conflict. This did that brilliantly.

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