Top Movies December 2016

 In All (-ish), Three Sentence Movie Reviews

(14 total movies watched)

Midnight Special
Sci-fi without all the answers

La La Land
I was happy to go on the ride

Manchester by the Sea

The Edge of Seventeen
Hits the nail on the head

Certain Women
More Lily Gladstone, please!

Crazy Stupid Love
All good (minus the fumbled ending)

Hell or High Water
A different kind of bank robber story

After the Wedding
Danish Drama

The Messenger
The fallout of war

The Finest Hours

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  • Jan W.

    Such a varied selection! I’m slightly amused that two of them include Woody Harrelson. I really loved him in Edge of Seventeen. From his beginning as a good-natured doofus on Cheers, I never would’ve imagined that he’d grow into a versatile actor.

    • stenaros

      I know! I often think of him on Cheers as compared to now. He seems to like to do a variety of things. At some point at the movies this winter, they advertised a movie they were streaming live from London that he was in. Like it was live TV, but in movie format? Now it’s not making much sense in my brain. Anyway, he seemed very excited about the live format, enough that I had the passing thought that I might want to see that movie.

  • Sara K.

    Ahhhh! I’ve got 6.2 minutes left and I think…maybe this post will be the last one before I can go to current content waiting in my reader…but NOPE there’s no Sara comment here.

    Of course I have seen both the Gerbil and Stone movies on this last! That kind of amuses me.

    Maybe it’s the next post…we’ll see!

    • stenaros

      I have not seen the other Stone/Gosling movie, Gangster Squad, because it doesn’t look very good. Also, I’m not certain if they even interact, or are just in the same movie.

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