3SMReviews: Paddleton

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3SMReviews: Paddleton

Director Alex Lehmann’s Paddleton is chock full of things I like.* Ray Romano** captures many unsaid things as Andy, the friend who not only will be left behind, but also is helping his best Michael friend to exercise his right to die before cancer kills him. I was looking for sorrow to turn me inside out and that did not occur, but I still found a lot to love in this story.

Verdict: Good

Cost: Netflix monthly subscription fee $7.99
Where watched: at home

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*Changing friendships, male friendships, the lives of middle-aged unmarried men, movies made by the Duplass brothers, sad things, quirky details like a made up game.
**Who I know about, but whose body of work I am not familiar with because I never watched Everybody Loves Raymond

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