Amy Ryan Shines in Lost Girls

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Lost Girls

The review:

Liz Garbus’s Lost Girls provides a good vehicle for Amy Ryan to be steely,* Thomasin McKenzie to do some accent work, and Lola Kirke to be sparkly.** This is one of those films where nothing is really wrong with the narrative but it also doesn’t lend itself to gushing accolades. I appreciate it for calling out the disposable nature of women*** and the afterword caused me to gasp.

The verdict: Good

Cost: Netflix monthly fee $8.99
Where watched: at home

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Further sentences:

*Always enjoyable!
**I last saw her in the excellent Mistress America, where she was tight-laced and tentative.
***Especially ones who work in jobs that can be morally judged.


  • What do you think drives Mari Gilbert, even before her daughter turns up missing?
  • How did you feel about the ending to this film?

Favorite IMDB Trivia Item:

The photos shown of the victims, are the actual real life victims.

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Lost Girls
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