On the Town: Good Dancing, Great Costumes

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On the Town movie review 3SMReviews

The review:

Since they don’t make movies like Stanley Donen/Gene Kelly’s On the Town anymore, this movie gets a pass on a lot of things.* But it does have great musical numbers*** and that great color saturation that comes with movies from the (almost) 1950s. There are musicals where the story, song and dance meld together into a cohesive wholes and then there is this type where the story is something to pass the time while waiting for the next musical number.

The verdict:

Good, though only because I gave it a pass on a lot of things

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home as part of Filmspotting’s Stanley Donen marathon.

Consider also watching:

  • Singing in the Rain
  • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers****
  • Chicago
  • The Sound of Music

Further sentences:

*Outmoded social norms,** a bit too long, a lack of even one very good song.
**Although the character of Brunhilde Esterhazy reminded me a lot of Melissa McCarthy’s character in Bridesmaids.
***I cringed through “Primitive Man” but did enjoy Ann Miller’s awesome green dress with the plaid lining.
****Also a cringe-y plot, but with amazing dancing, great songs and a cohesive story.

Favorite IMDB Trivia Item:

There was a real-life version of the “Miss Turnstiles” contest in New York City. “Miss Subways” was a beauty contest run by the New York Subways Advertising Company from 1941 to 1976. Subway cars featured posters of pretty young women who lived and worked in New York. Link is here.

On the Town movie review 3SMReviews
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  • Sara K.

    I have not seen this movie in ages! though of course I sing parts of the NY song whenever I am in that town, even to this day! I appreciate the extra tidbits on this post!

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