Saving Face is a Great Debut

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Lynn Chenn looking at Michelle Krusiec in the film Saving Face

Saving Face

Directed by Alice Wu
Written by Alice Wu

The review:

While this movie starts as the classic mom-sets-up-daughter-with-eligible-men story it introduces two wrinkles, one with the daughter and one with the mother. Both Michelle Krusiec (as Will, the daughter) and Joan Chen (as Hwei-Lan Gao, the mother) are fun to watch as they navigate their changing relationships.* Overall, an enjoyable film with a few fun surprises.**

The verdict: Good

Cost: $3.99 via Google Play, but free because I had a credit.
Where watched: at home

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Further sentences:

*I sometimes check to see if actors in indie films from 10+ years ago are still acting, and all of the cast members I checked up on are still working regularly.
**I also enjoyed seeing one aspect of New York City’s Chinese community circa 2005.


  • What was the most surprising moment in the film for you?
  • Did you think that the family’s expectations were reasonable?

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

The picture of Vivian as a child in Dr. Shing’s office is actually a photograph of Joan Chen’s daughter.

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Orange background with a white frame. Text: Younger people. Today they love you. Tomorrow, who knows?--Saving Face. Read the three sentence movie review.
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