The Best Movies Watched in May 2019

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Top movies May 2019


Second time. Still funny.


On the Town

Good dancing

On the Town movie review 3SMReviews

Her Smell

Electric performance

Her Smell movie review

My Life Without Me

Not the bucket list you think she’s going to make

3SMReviews: My Life Without Me


Life choices

3SMReviews: Disobedience


Great outfits

3SMReviews: Charade

Instant Family

Kids! Who aren’t bratty!

3SMReviews: Instant Family movie review

Toy Story 2

The continuing campaign to make you hold onto your toys forever.

3SMReviews: Toy Story 2

Juliet, Naked

Crackles with disappointment and delight

3SMReviews: Juliet, Naked

Wine Country

These women are funny!

3SMReviews: Wine Country


The terrible realization

3SMReviews: Booksmart

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