When the Starlight Ends Should Have Never Started

 In Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction
Arabella Oz and Sam Heughan in the film When the Starlight Ends

When the Starlight Ends

Directed by Adm Sigal
Written by Adam Sigal

The review:

Sometimes enjoying actors in TV series leads me to really great films made by the actors,* and sometimes they lead me to stinkers. The looping stories in this film made it hard to tell what was the story and what were side bits the author was writing so he could get over his failed marriage.** And Sam Heughan, who has been holding my attention in Outlander, failed to do so here.***

The verdict: Skip

Cost: $2.99 via Google Play
Where watched: at home

Consider watching instead:

Further sentences:

*Steve Carell is a good example. He was great in the Office, but I’ve also enjoyed him in Dan in Real Life, Foxcatcher, The Big Short, Battle of the Sexes and Beautiful Boy.
**This film also featured terrible green screen stuff, and I couldn’t tell if that was due to budgetary constraints or an intentional feature.
***And, his performance here may have just diminished my enjoyment of him as Jamie Fraser in Outlander.


  • Did you have a favorite scene in this film?
  • This movie was so lackluster I can’t come up with a second question.

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

Kane Knox is the cute baby in this picture.

(This was the only trivia item and I have no idea who Kane Knox is.)

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  • LES

    Is this reviewer a 12 year old or a serious film critic? I mean we are all entitled to our opinion and if she thinks Heughan’s performance sucked, that’s her right. I personally thought he was brilliant and that the film was a good watch. What I can’t understand is how she puts forth that because of his performance in this film her enjoyment of him as Jamie in Outlander will be diminished. Huh? I’m sorry…that’s pretty juvenile

    • Patricia Collins

      This reviewer is 46 years old and is a serious movie reviewer, not a film critic.

      She is happy that you enjoyed Sam Heughan’s performance.

      She can attest that she is watching the third season of Outlander and keeping her eyes on all of the other actors on the screen who are not Sam Heughan because this movie did expose the ticks that make for a cringeworthy performance.

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