Top Ten 2020 Movies I Watched on my Couch

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(While Missing the Movie Theater Experience)

A picture of my Ikea couch with my Roku TV which became ground zero for movie viewing in 2020

On the plus side, the cancelling of all activities combined with my unemployed status meant I had more time for movies this year. On the minus side, all but one 2020 film was watched right here, on this couch.


A picture of Daveed Diggs, on stage as Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton (he's so great!)

I catch up to the musical phenomenon and find that all the rabid fans are spot on.

Palm Springs

Image: Cristin Milioti and Adam Sandburg in a pool drinking beer.

Viewing at home advantage: five minutes in when I realize the boyfriend will love it I can drag him to the couch and start the film again.

First Cow

A picture of Orion Lee and Toby Jones in the film First Cow

Kelly Richardt! Oregon setting! Beautiful story of friendship!

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Alex Sharp, Jeremy Strong, John Carroll Lynch and Sacha Baron Cohen backed by a wall of protesters in the Trial of the Chicago 7

Protesters and police in a 1968 setting that felt eerily contemporary.

The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds

Action comedy by two people who know how deliver hilarious situations.

Athlete A

A picture from the movie Athlete A

What happens when girls’ needs are sold out by the athletic association that should be protecting them.

The Half of It

The Half of It

Charming small-town love story with great performances.

Miss Juneteenth

Picture from the movie Miss Juneteenth

The best mother-daughter film I watched this year, with a side of quiet competence.

The Old Guard

A picture of the five stars of The Old Guard

One of my favorite directors brings us the tale of immortal warriors.

Yes, God, Yes

Picture of Natalia Dyer in the film Yes, God, Yes

Amusing early 2000s period piece about a Catholic girl and an AOL chat that opens a can of teenage worms.

Honorable mentions:



We had a great first lady for eight years and this documentary gives us a glimpse of her book tour.

The Assistant

Picture from movie The Assistant

Meditative look at the horrors of being an assistant to a high-powered producer.

How to Build a Girl

How to Build a Girl

Beanie Feldstein razzle dazzles us as a teenage music journalist

The Photograph

The Photograph

Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield in a gorgeous love story

We Are Freestyle Love Supreme

Chris Jackson and Lin-Manuel Miranda in 2005

Before some of the Hamilton people did Hamilton, they performed in an improv hip-hop comedy group and this is their story.

The Devil All the Time

Picture of Tom Holland in the film The Devil All the Time

Packed with famous faces, this is two-plus hours of Midwestern Gothic violence and wacko religion.


Cooper Raiff and Dylan Gelula in the film Shithouse

Charming debut film (with a terrible title) about a college freshman who just can’t connect.

And the one 2020 film I watched in the the theater:



I loved this so much it set off an exploration of Johnny Flynn and I still debate if I should buy my own copy.

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  • Allie

    Great choices! There’s still a lot here I haven’t seen yet. Palm Springs was such a pleasant surprise!

    • Patricia Collins

      Thanks! I would also categorize Palm Springs a pleasant suprise.

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