Top Movies August 2020

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(17 movies watched)

A pie chart showing most movies watched in August were Good, a few were Recommended and even fewer were designated Skip.

Overall, most of my month had me watching movies that I enjoyed. Good job August!

Fast Color

Super powers, yet not super heroes.


A new friendship, yet not one that is clear.

High School Musical

A bunch of kids singing and dancing, yet not memorable songs.

Into the Forest

The power goes out, yet not a depiction of complete chaos.

Half the Picture

Fifty percent of film school graduates are women, yet not 50% of film directors.

Yes, God, Yes

Church teachings are clear, yet not always applicable in real life.


Quarantine, yet not recovery.

Project Power

Super powers, yet not for long.

Night Comes On

Two sisters, yet not shared goals.

The Hitch-hiker

A vacation, yet not a fun one.

I Used to Go Here

A novel published, yet not sucessfully.


A VW Beetle, yet not only.

First Cow

A business partnership, yet not entirely on the up and up.

Sword of Trust

An heirloom passed down, yet not well received.

Afternoon Delight

A period of transition, yet not in the usual way.

This month also included a re-watch of Blindspotting, which is still Recommended.

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