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Here are five movies I’ve loved that you can watch right now. For free!

Five Really Great Movies on Kanopy Now

  • Night Moves. I call this Kelly Reichardt’s most “commercial” film as it stars people who have also been in superhero films. But it’s still a very quiet contemplation of environmental activists.
  • Humpday. Lynn Shelton’s portrait of two guys at different phases in their lives who goad each other into dumb things is astutely observed and quite funny.
  • A Town Called Panic. If you want a good laugh, take in this animated feature from a couple of hilarious Belgians. Nutty incidents abound.
  • The Spectacular Now. Shailene Woodley on her way up, and near-peak Miles Teller, this story about a high school senior who made the transition from fun drunk to alcoholic earlier than his peers has a lot of great moments.
  • Drinking Buddies. You have to be the kind of person who likes ponderous films where not much happens, but if you are: wow! The tension is amped up in this film about brewery employees.



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